TOP AWARDS ASIAにて「AMAKUSA HINOKI PURE ESSENTIAL OIL」が受賞しました。デザイナーの杉村さん、ライターの木下さん、松坂さん、プロジェクトに関わった皆様、おめでとうございます。

The production of essential oil started from the client’s hopes to “raise interest for Amakusa hinoki and to nurture the carriers of the forest”.

When designing the product, one of the aims was to be genderless and age-less, and be suitable in any type of space. When it went under re-branding, the first step was to walk around the ocean and land of Amakusa. On the rocks we witnessed marine plant roots and hemigrapsus sanguineus, along with seaweeds and small fishes living under the ocean. Behind us were mountains of hardwood and coniferous trees. The forest where Amakusa hinoki grows has been passed down from our grandfather’s time. In the forest there was natural water, pure water that trickles down the rocks. Such tranquil forest functions as a natural water container and by giving care to it, natural disasters can be prevented. This is where the concept of “protecting the forest to protect life on land and ocean” has been generated.

For the package, a type of paper named C-liner, which has a high percentage of waste pulp paper usage has been picked. For the coloring,”Grischel” from the environmentally friendly F-color, has been picked. The diffuser made of thinned wood is designed in the shape of half moon, to best represent the texture of wood and growth ring of the trees. In the Japanese wood industry, there is a saying, “trees that are cut down under the night-time sky where there is no moon, can last long.” The phases of the moon influence the earth and living organisms including humanbeings, which makes it a perfect match with aromatheraphy.


Client: Kinokaori Seizousho
Design Company: OVAL
Art Direction & Design: Takenori Sugimura
Project Management & Copywrite: Mayumi Kinoshita
Package Design: Yoichi Yoshinaga
Photograph: Haruki Anami
Country: Japan